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All Bio-Methanization plants work on the principal of anaerobic digestion .This is a process in which biodegradable material are broken down in the absence of oxygen with the help of microorganisms. The by product is bio gas (methane 45-48%) which can be converted to electrical energy or heat energy.

V-Rev has successfully provided bio-Methanization solutions to schools, community centres ,Industrial staff- canteens ,wedding halls, chocolate and fruit pulp processors , COD/BOD reduction to existing STP (Sewage Treatment Plants)etc

Based on the available waste /location etc, we have a varied choice of digesters to opt from offering very quick return on Investment:

  • Mesophillic Reactor
  • Thermo-phillic Reactor
  • Fluidised bed reactor
  • UASB-Up flow Anaerobic sludge blanket reactor
  • Hybrid Reactor
  • Fixed / floating dome.

Bio Gas performance in Rupees

5Kg of waste (Cow dung,night soil,dry leaves,fruit pulp,bakery or food waste) can generate 1 cubic metre of Bio gas which is equal to 0.43 kg of LPG. Approx earning 5kg waste = 27 Rupees apart from the fertiliser or residual sludge generated at the outlet.