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Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

Zero Liquid Discharge is achieved when the treated water from an effluent treatment plant is sent in for reverse osmosis. The resultant reject water is either crystallised or evaporated leaving back residual salts.vatawaran offers revolutionary cost effective solutions to evaporate such reject waters thereby achieving ZLD.

Environmental Audit

Environmental audit is a general term that can reflect various types of evaluations intended to identify environmental compliance and management system implementation gaps, along with related corrective actions.

Environmental Consultancy

We offer total environmental solutions as a package for start-up projects. This includes planning and set up plants required, government laisoning ,procedures and book keeping with online monitoring systems EMS or SCADA (Supervisory control and Data Acquisition ). VATAWARAN also engages it’s energy raters to audit the energy consumption patterns of industrial and business houses. A cost sheet thereby derived helps to cut down ,optimise or suggest alternate energy usage yielding to huge savings on the longer run. We also provide Green -building solutions at the time of development for a new project.