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Environmental Statutory Obligation: As per CPCB water Act 1974:Any business / factory or organisation /premises that yields to altering the chemical or biological properties of water and such water that is let out untreated into common sewers or drains ,natural lakes and streams ( endangering aquatic life and biome) is a punishable offence .

Hence as conscious and responsible Indians we need to safe guard/conserve our natural resources for future generation and also comply to environmental Acts laid by Government of India.

What “V-Rev” has in store for ‘Go- Green’ Concerns:

  • CER-Catalytic Electro Reactors –Upto 1 Million LPD:

CER is one of its kind electro-reactor treatments where instantaneous results are rendered and it’s cheaper to operate in comparison to any of the biological treatment schemes.


  • Absence of 24/7 aerators yielding to zero noise and huge energy savings.
  • Neutralization is done without the addition of chemicals hence reduces cost of chemicals
  • Low foot print hence easily repositioned.(Apt for rented premises)
  • Sludge handling capacities reduced by 80%
  • Plant can be shut off on zero production or holidays when sewage or waste water is not generated.
  • Sludge is compacted and digested in Bio-Digesters (by product-Methane)

*We also manufacture Aerobic-Biological Treatment equipment (F/MBBR-Fixed/Moving Bed Bio-Film reactor Process) if desired by the customer.