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Swimming pools are either private or institutional; however a badly maintained swimming pool can lead to (RWIs) recreational water illness due to contaminated water in the pool.

V-Rev with in its past has identified the following issues:

  • Cloudy /misty water
  • Algae filled water
  • Regular replacement of water.(HIGH COST)
  • High TDS and Crypto levels
  • High concentration chlorine
  • Floatation and suspend solids
  • Salt deposition on pool walls etc

With state of the art technology in both filtration and disinfection major cost of replacing water was zeroed in. We use ( RIG) Rare Inert Gas Technology to rupture all unicellular organisms simultaneously filtering the water and re-oxygenating .No chemicals are added hence brings down costs and also no addition of dissolved solids hence the TDS remains the same. Re-oxygenating the water increases the dissolved oxygen content there by giving you the refreshed and energizing feel.

Our self cleaning filters removes any suspended particles or floatation’s up to 05 micron particle size hence keeping your swimming pool fresh forever.